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Program Features/Benefits


  1-  In business for over 24+ years          

  2- NYS Certified Teacher (Birth-Grade 2)

  3- Low child to staff ratio

  4- Healthy meals/snacks

  5- Pre-K & Kindergarten Curriculum

  6- Art & Music enrichment

  7- Clean & sanitized classrooms

  8- NYS Licensed facility

  9- Home-based setting

10- Spanish immersion     

11- Social Emotional workshops (3+)-      



1- Experienced/knowledgeable

2- Evidenced based curriculum

3-Individualized attention

4-Nutritious meals

5-Children are prepared for school

6-Develops confidence & emotions

7-Reduced exposure to illness, germs

8-Regulated by NYS OCFS

9-Intimate learning environment

Questions, comments or concerns ....Let's chat or you can contact us using the form below. Thank you!

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