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Why Preschool? ........................................

Updated: Mar 14

A child's early exposure to a quality preschool experience is essential in preparing the child for a positive school experience. Today, children entering kindergarten are expected to know more academically than ever before. Exposure to a quality preschool setting before the age of 5 increases a child's potential in many aspects (ex. high academic morale, motivation, employment, economics, family, etc.) of life.

Many studies, including the Perry School study (Barnett, et al, 2005) have shown children attending a school-like setting with a high-quality curriculum before the age of 5, have shown to adapt better to school after the age of 5 in comparison to their peers who did not attend a preschool setting.

Furthermore, the study highlighted to be reading for kindergarten, students are taught foundational reading, writing and social skills as early as Pre-K.

The Wee Care Childcare & Preschool curriculum is designed to foster early academic skills in children as early as 6 months old. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all children at every stage of their development.

For further information regarding our curriculum and how it can benefit your child, please call/text us at (516) 242-3785.

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